Tyee Partners and Sponsors


The Tyee Aquatic Club has been a Swimming Canada (SNC)/Swim BC associated swim club since 1998 when it was founded at Crystal Pool by Coach Neil Harvey (picture left). Neil's philosophy has become the Tyee motto: Swimming is for Life.  Neil's leadership provided programs for all levels of swimmer, from three year olds learning to swim to Masters. 

From small beginnings, the Club grew to about 85 swimmers by 2003, with athletes qualifying for Provincial and Age National competitions. Para swimming programs were part of Tyee's mandate from the start, and with leadership from Coach Janet Dunn, several Tyee Para swimmers competed at the Can Am Championships; in 2008, Tyee swimmer Brianna Nelson competed at the Paralympics in Beijing, with a best finish of 6th place in 100 back.  Both Neil and Janet have moved on from Tyee: Neil will be coaching the Hong Kong National Triathlon team starting in the summer of 2012 and Janet joined Swim Canada (SNC) in 2009 as National Development Coach.

From September 2003 to spring 2012, Tyee was part of an association with the Victoria Amateur Swim Club (VASC) and the Juan de Fuca Coho Swim Club (Coho) – known as Island Swimming.  Through this association, the three clubs shared revenue and costs related to administration, coaching and facilities.  Tyee flourished under this arrangement for many years, with several Tyee swimmers competing at National-level competitions and at the 2012 Canadian Olympic Trials in Montreal. However, as the clubs grew, the association became increasingly complex to administer. At the beginning of the 2011-2012 season, the three clubs decided that they should either merge to become one large club, or remain independent; Tyee made the decision to remain independent in order to ensure that a full range of programming befitting its motto would continue to be offered at the Crystal Pool location. Starting with the 2012-2013 season, Tyee is under the direction of Martin Gurrin as Head Coach.